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Since commencing a legal career in Montgomery County with the District Attorney’s office in 1995 and later transitioning to criminal defense in 1999, local attorney J. Grant Stevens has acquired over two decades of courtroom experience. Over the years, Mr. Stevens has worked with clients on all types of criminal defense cases, such as misdemeanors including DUI and simple drug possession and felony charges including drug trafficking, illegal firearm possession and fraud.

Mr. Stevens’ experience on both sides of the courtroom enables him to apply a unique perspective on cases that many other criminal defense attorneys cannot. To put this experience to work for you in misdemeanor or felony cases, call today and schedule your free initial criminal law consultation.

We understand that crime allegations cause a financial and emotional strain on you and your family. To further help you through this challenging time, we offer free initial consultations, flexible appointment hours and payment plans for most cases. To learn more about how The Law Office of J. Grant Stevens can help you through your criminal defense case, call today and schedule your free consultation.