How Does the Law Pertain to Your </br>Minor Child?

How Does the Law Pertain to Your
Minor Child?

Find out by contacting our Conroe, TX, law office

Texas citizens under the age of 18 are still responsible for adhering to the law, but the consequences for breaking it are often very different than they would be for an adult. Sentencing for minors often focuses on education and rehabilitation rather than punishment and incarceration, in hopes of deterring future criminal activity. House arrest, counseling and referrals to camp-like facilities are common consequences for crimes committed by minors. However, though your child will likely not face serious jail time, you still want to have an experienced criminal defense attorney represent him/her in court.

Trust the Law Office of J. Grant Stevens to apply our extensive knowledge of the law and how it pertains to minors when representing your child. Our law firm works to provide solutions that work best for the child and the family, while ensuring the child receives the adequate support needed to overcome criminal tendencies in the future. Call today to schedule your appointment with a criminal law attorney in Conroe, TX, who thoroughly understands juvenile law.

Will your child’s criminal record be removed at the age of 18?

Depending on the severity of the charge, your child’s criminal record will likely be sealed upon turning 18. Though the criminal record may not remain, it is still important to have a criminal defense attorney represent your child in court. Trust our law office in Conroe, TX, to prepare you and your child for court and take the necessary actions to get the best, most constructive outcome in the case.

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